Top 5 Software for Discord to Use Sounds in 2021

Discord  Software to use sound in 2021
Discord Software to use sound

Discord is the best and very popular audio chat platform for gamers who are very curious about their games. It is the best and handy application for chatting with your friends.

If we are talking about the best sound effects then sound button is a software that offers the best and trending sounds. Sound Effects is one of the darker element of any kind of project. It can fail to create or destroy your viewers.

The Sound button is the best platform to obtain free sound effects. It can categories in different for just for easy sorting.

However, you will require a soundboard app to improve your sound. So if that’s something you are viewing for, here are the 5 best soundboards for Discord you can use to add effects to your voice or make something play on your server.

What is a Soundboard Software?

What is Soundboard Software? - 2021
What is Soundboard Software?

Take a fast appearance at what exactly is a soundboard app, and why you may require to apply it. Soundboard apps are excellent for getting your audio notes on Discord sound different from your original voice.

You can also apply soundboard apps to allow hotkeys for specific sound impacts that you usually apply, so you can quickly perform the results when you need them.

A lot of soundboard applications are free to use, which is high for most people, but there are some advanced options out there as well, which regularly produce added functionality.

We have combined both free as well as paid soundboards for Discord in this list, so you can pick one according to your preference.

What’s more, if you want, you can use those apps to change your voice or play effects on different applications as well. So the next time you are running on twitch.

List of Best Soundboards for Discord

Soundbuttons -2021

The website highlights dozens of easily downloadable sample sounds provided by talented sound designers from around the earth. There are several more than 2 Million sound effects.

The most enjoyable element is that all the sounds offer for free. Also, it supports all the languages of the world. It has a large selection of categories that include Television, Politics, Memes, Games, Movies, Sports, Reactions, Pranks, Music, Sound effects, Anime, and Manga.

It is so quick, and handy page. Also, the front page is loaded, it will download your favorite sounds for you. You can download the app from the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store.

File Support – Supports most of the audio formats.

2. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer - 2021
AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is a considerably major application that you can work as a soundboard for Discord. It enables you to improve and change large much any character or quality of voice.

That makes it a great tool for sound editing and getting your voice on Discord sound just the way you want. Aside from a soundboard, AV Voice Changer also appears with a voice recorder, voice editor, voice Morpher, and even a file Morpher.

Besides, AV Voice Changer is also very high, so if you are resembling a good Discord soundboard and all the support of those features isn’t important to you, you may want to examine something more from this list.

So if you have been thinking about doing voices for a project you are working on, then AV Voice Changer can come in handy for you.

File Support – Supports most of the audio formats.

3. Soundpad

Soundpad - 2021

If you are served to spend some money, you should reduce out Soundpad. This app isn’t just a Discord soundboard and also serves as a sound recorder and reader, so you get more versatility out of it. Similar to Resanance, Soundpad enables you to specify hotkeys.

However, Soundpad also appears some important features you will not get in Resanance. For one, the app supports normalization, which secures all sounds play at an equal volume.

You also get support for mic toggling, record sounds, and sound lists that let you create a list of sounds to play. It’s noteworthy that sound lists are Soundpad’s idea of a sound deck.

If you fancy a sound deck implementation, you will most likely be better off with Resanance. But do read Soundpad’s sound lists a shot as strong. After all, you do get a free demo.

4. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer - 2021
Clownfish Voice Changer

If you are more involved in getting your voice sound mixed with effects, Clownfish Voice Changer is a soundboard app you should check out.

This app runs on the system level, which suggests you can practice it to change your voice in any app that uses microphone input, including Discord. You make a ton of voice outcomes here, including alien, female, male, a baby voice, helium pitch, and more.

Apart from that, Clownfish also comes with a built-in media player with playlist and audio controls that you can use in your Discord rooms with your friends. There’s also a built-in text-to-speech capacity, as well as help for hotkeys.

5. Voicemod


Another excellent soundboard for Discord, Voicemod, is very good for people who like to produce a fresh, updated selection of sounds for their Discord servers.

Not only does Voicemod appear with many sound effects for you to play about, but it also updates the sound results public every month. So you will forever have some new sounds to use on your Discord server.

Apart from that, Voicemod also allows you to mix preset and custom soundboard options if that’s something you like. You also get assistance for hotkeys, as well as a convenient combination with the Elgato Stream Deck, so if you are a streamer, Voicemod can automatically integrate with your Elgato devices.

Voicemod is especially great for role-playing games because you can make your voice sound as you imagine your character to sound.


Among all the 5 soundboards, let’s choose your favorite one. Use the sound buttons and get the sound you need. Thank you for reading this article.

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